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May 2022

American Racing


The American Racing exhibits local donated and loaned race cars from past and present. Imagine what some of our local residents experienced when they drove these vehicles during professional races and on the Bonneville Salt Flats. WAS ON DISPLAY (11/29/21 – 5/29/22) 1956 Hillegass Sprint Car 1969 Dodge Daytona # 71 1970 Richard Petty Superbird 1971 Dodge Challenger 1983 Indy Car-Budweiser Bobby Rahal

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Station wagon woodies are the epitome of classic American family cars. The Woodies Exhibit in Gallery B to explored some of the popular woodies that put thousands of American families on wheels! WAS ON DISPLAY (11/29/21 – 5/29/22) 1946 Mercury Woodie 1948 Packard Standard Eight Station Sedan Wagon Woodie 1948 Chrysler Town & Country Sedan Woodie 1953 Ford Crestline Country Squire Station Wagon Woodie


Savoy Automobile Museum on 11 Alive


You can’t spell Cartersville without CAR! Check out Savoy Automobile Museum’s segment on 11Alive’s Atlanta & Company show. Aired May 19, 2022 Click here to watch video on View video from our Facebook page below:

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Savoy Featured on The Shop


Click here to read The Shop’s feature on Savoy Automobile Museum. - The Savoy Automobile Museum in Cartersville, Georgia is opening an exhibit celebrating tire manufacturing company Pirelli’s 150th Anniversary, the museum announced. The exclusive exhibit, Pirelli: The Story of a Company — A 150-Year History of Passion and Innovation, opens May 10 and will run through Sept. 4, and will include art, photography and cars showcasing the history of the tire manufacturer. According to a report from the Rome News-Tribune, the full lineup of vehicles on display includes: 1947 [...]

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Trans Am featured in Savoy Automobile Museum exhibit celebrating Pirelli’s 150-year history


From The Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli is featured in a brand-new exhibit in the Savoy Automobile Museum celebrating the 150th anniversary of Pirelli. The exhibit is a collaboration between the museum, located in Cartersville, Ga., and Pirelli, whose United States manufacturing plant is located in nearby Rome, Ga. Among the items which detail the tire manufacturer’s history and prowess, the display features a 2022 Trans Am racecar with a 150th anniversary livery designed by CG Detroit. Read more here.

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Savoy Automobile Museum opens exhibit celebrating tire manufacturer Pirelli


From the Rome-Tribune News: The Savoy Automobile Museum in Cartersville is hosting a special exhibit celebrating tire manufacturing company Pirelli. In 1872, the 23 year old Giovanni Battista Pirelli founded “G.B. Pirelli & C.” in Milan, Italy. Fast-forward 150 years and Pirelli, an internationally recognized brand, is among the world’s major producers of tires. To celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary in the United States, Savoy Automobile Museum and Pirelli are presenting an exclusive exhibition of Pirelli: The Story of a Company — A 150-Year History [...]

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Unique Exhibition Outlines 150 Years of Pirelli


The Savoy Automobile Museum and Pirelli present “Pirelli: The Story of a Company—A 150-Year History of Passion and Innovation.” The exhibit starts from the first factory that opened in Milan and continues to its first motorsport victory in 1907, when a car called the Itala won the Beijing-Paris rally while fitted with Pirelli tires. The images will delve into the people, technology and innovation of Pirelli’s journey during three different centuries. In addition, there will be a specially curated collection of automobiles that showcase the [...]

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Many American-made vehicles coming from pre-War and post-War eras were lost during a tumultuous time in American history. Though the Detroit Big Three managed to be the champion of this period, many other manufacturers attempted to rival against them, and some of the most unique and rare vehicles derived from these lost car companies. Visit Gallery C to see some of these curated Orphans. WAS ON DISPLAY (11/29/21 – 5/1/22) 1940 Hudson Country Club 8 1948 Davis Divan 1948 Studebaker Starlight Coupe Commander 1949 Frazer Manhattan [...]

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