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Savoy Automobile Museum features five exhibition galleries. Four are temporary rotating galleries and the fifth showcases the permanent Savoy Collection. The rotating galleries will feature specially curated exhibits showcasing automobiles surrounding a common theme. The Savoy Collection will display vehicles from Savoy’s special permanent collection. Savoy invites you to stroll through the galleries to appreciate the individual beauty and design of each vehicle while reading about its construction, production, and perhaps spark a memory or two. Come and experience Savoy!


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Savoy Museum
Built for a Crisis
Savoy Museum
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Like art, appreciation for automobiles can be subjective based on personal preference toward the aesthetic, design, condition, functionality, or even social acceptance. The Southeast is exceptionally diverse when it comes to the car culture community – from prestigious private collections to Fortune 500 headquarters; NASCAR country and the boom of Hollywood in the South; the industry of manufacturing and the logistical infrastructure of ports, trains, and interstates – the car culture community is not just surviving, it is thriving. The first installment of this exclusive exhibition series showcases great examples of original and restored automobiles owned by those who call Bartow County and the surrounding region home.

Now on Display
1947 Dodge Power Wagon WDX 1 Ton Custom (Private Collection)
1954 Chevrolet Corvette (Mark Wiley, Atlanta, GA)
1956 Willys Pickup (Sam Franklin’s Home Furniture Center, Cartersville, GA)
1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible (Michael & Vickie Patania, Calhoun, GA)
1967 Pontiac Grand Prix Convertible (Steve Biddy, Acworth, GA)
1968 Bizzarrini 5300GT Strada (Ron Green, Sandy Springs, GA)
1969 Chevrolet Custom 10 Pickup (Jerry Jackson, Cartersville, GA)
1969 Plymouth Barracuda Notchback M-Code (Gary Hoover, Canton, GA)
1970 Chevrolet Z28 Camaro (WW Ranch, Cartersville, GA)
1973 Ford Bronco Ranger (Rick Murphy, Cumming, GA)
1974 Pontiac Trans AM (Dennis Graham, Cartersville, GA)
1978 Pontiac Trans AM (Connie & Cecil Mann, Cartersville, GA)
2020 Ford GT (Mark Thompson, Cartersville, GA)

On Exhibit from February 1, 2023 through June 4, 2023.

Savoy Museum
During an age of aero-innovation – from passenger planes to the verge of space travel – automotive designers made cars look like they could fly. This exhibition will showcase the iconic, edgy, and sharp tail fins from the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Now on Display

1950 Cadillac Series 60 Special Fleetwood Sedan Savoy Automobile Museum, Cartersville,
1956 Lincoln Premiere Convertible, On Loan from The Richard H. Driehaus Automobile Collection, Chicago, IL
1956 Packard Caribbean Convertible, On Loan from The Richard H. Driehaus Automobile Collection, Chicago, IL
1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, Savoy Automobile Museum, Cartersville, GA
1957 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible, On Loan from The Richard H. Driehaus Automobile Collection, Chicago, IL
1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk, Savoy Automobile Museum, Cartersville, GA
1958 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz “Raindrop” Concept, On Loan from The Richard H. Driehaus Automobile Collection, Chicago, IL
1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz, On Loan from GM Heritage Center, Detroit, MI
1959 Chevrolet El Camino, Savoy Automobile Museum, Cartersville, GA
1959 Plymouth Sport Fury, Savoy Automobile Museum, Cartersville, GA
1960 Cadillac 62 Series, Savoy Automobile Museum, Cartersville, GA

On exhibit from December 5, 2022 through April 2, 2023.

Savoy Museum

Savoy Automobile Museum is excited to announce the opening on January 10, 2023, of its latest temporary exhibit, Built for a Crisis. In the 1950s and 1960s, it seemed like America couldn’t build its cars big enough. Even mainstream models were generally big and thirsty. Many drivers were getting tired of gassing up these enormous land yachts, but the market was slow to respond. The domestic manufacturers had produced some downsized models, but only a few, and Japanese automakers were just putting a foot in the door with their tiny cars. And then, essentially one day in 1973, everything changed when America’s oil supplier turned off the tap. The U.S. had become increasingly dependent on foreign oil. The United States used about 17 million barrels of oil each day, but only produced some 11 million of that itself. This exhibit displays some of the domestic models produced to compete with the smaller imported cars.

The exhibit will feature six iconic cars including a 1972 Ford Pinto, a 1974 AMC Gremlin, a 1975 AMC Pacer, and a 1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega, all part of the Savoy Collection. In addition, two special cars brought in specifically for the exhibit include a 1971 Chevrolet Vega and a 1976 Chevrolet Chevette, both from the General Motors Heritage Collection in Sterling Heights, MI. Visitors may find the Vega particularly interesting as it holds the prominence of the first Vega to be produced at the GM Lordstown Assembly Plant on June 26, 1970, at 3:05 pm. The Chevette was never sold and has its original sales sticker still on the window and only 64 miles on the odometer. This exhibit represents a significant part of our automotive history.

Now on Display

1971 Chevrolet Vega, General Motors Heritage Collection in Sterling Heights, MI
1972 Ford Pinto, Savoy Automobile Museum, Cartersville, GA
974 AMC Gremlin, Savoy Automobile Museum, Cartersville, GA
1975 AMC Pacer, Savoy Automobile Museum, Cartersville, GA
1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega, Savoy Automobile Museum, Cartersville, GA
1976 Chevrolet Chevette, General Motors Heritage Collection in Sterling Heights, MI

On Exhibit from January 10, 2023 through April 30, 2023.

Savoy Museum

While serving during WWII, millions of American troops became enamored with British automobiles. Following the War, it became a necessity for Great Britain to restore its economy, and one way to do so was through exportation. In 1946, the British Government released an animated video via the British Pathé news titled “Export Or Die”, proclaiming, “…we must sell the things we like, to buy the things we need.” The message was received and by 1950, over half-a-million British cars were produced annually with nearly 400,000 being shipped directly to America. This exhibition features some of the finest examples of British sports cars of the postwar period to invade the American automobile market.

1949 XK120 Roadster Alloy, On loan from Patrick Hergenroeder
1950 Allard J2 Roadster, On loan from Wayne Carini
1950 Alvis TB14, On loan from Natalie and Scott Bluestein
1952 Arnolt MG Coupe, On loan from Stan and Susan Cryz
1953 MG TD, Savoy Collection
1954 Arnolt Bristol Bolide, On loan from Stan and Susan Cyrz**
1956 Austin Healey 100M, On loan from Peter and Pat Davis
1956 MGA Roadster, On loan from private collection
1962 Lotus Elite, On loan from Ron and Harriott Mitchell
1963 Jaguar E-Type FHC, on loan from Janice and Jerry Wise
1964 AC ACE-Bristol, On loan from Henry & Rachelle “Rocky” Grady

**Leaving exhibit in early June.

On Exhibit from February 28 through July 9,2023.

Savoy Collection, Savoy Automobile Museum

Savoy Automobile Museum invites you to the Savoy Collection gallery to tour some of the vehicles from the permanent collection. Since its inception, Savoy has received gifted automobiles to be part of the museum’s permanent collection. Preview some of the most iconic vehicles that have been added to the museum’s permanent collection.

Now on Display

1932 Buick Model 67
1956 Continental Mark II
1934 Chrysler Airflow Series CU

1937 Cord Model 812 Beverly Sedan
1941 Packard Super 8, One-Eighty
1948 Chrysler Town & Country Sedan Woodie

1948 Chevrolet Fleetline Aerosedan
1948 Studebaker Commander
1953 Nash-Healey Roadster
1954 Kaiser Darrin, Series 161 Roadster
1957 Chevrolet Corvette
1959 AMC Metropolitan – Currently on its way to The Amelia. It will return on March 7.
1959 Edsel Corsair Convertible

1963 Studebaker Avanti
1981 Delorean