Past Exhibitions

With each gallery rotation, we must say goodbye to vehicles loaned to Savoy Automobile Museum from private collections and other prestigious automotive museums. The galleries are subject to rotate every four months, so be sure to check our Events page to see what exhibit will be next!

Savoy Automobile Museum has been fortunate to house visiting vehicles for specially curated exhibitions.

Rolling Sculpture: European Art Deco – The Art Deco design movement began in Paris, France, in the mid-1920s. This exhibition highlights European-designed automobiles that integrated streamlined aerodynamics and style. Below is a list of vehicles featured in the exhibit.

1935 Swallow Coachbuilding Company SS1, Coupe (On Loan from Eduardo Zavala and Michelle Harris of St. Petersburg, FL)
1938 Panhard Dynamic Sedan (On loan from Tampa Bay Automobile Museum, Pinellas Park, FL)
1937 Mercedes-Benz 170H 2-door Cabriolet (On loan from Tampa Bay Automobile Museum, Pinellas Park, FL)
1939 Delahaye 135 Convertible (On loan from Stahls Auto Collection of Chesterfield, MI)
1935 Amilcar Pegase G36 Grand Sport Roadster/Racer, Figoni & Falaschi Coachwork (On loan from Stahls Auto Collection of Chesterfield, MI)
1934 Bugatti Type 57 Atalante Coupe (On loan from Stahls Auto Collection of Chesterfield, MI)
1939 Delage D8-120 Deltasport Three Position Cabriolet (On loan from Paul Gould)
1939 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport Berlinetta (On loan from the Audrain Collections, Newport RI)
1938 Mercedes-Benz 540K Sport Cabriolet (Coachwork by Erdman and Rossi, On loan from Alan Rosenblum, Utica, NY)
1937 BMW 328 Roadster (On loan from Lance & Diane White, Cincinnati, OH)

On exhibit – December 5, 2023 – March 31, 2024.

The original BIGFOOT began as a 1974 Ford F-250 pickup that was modified by its owner, Bob Chandler, beginning in 1975. In 1979, Chandler replaced the under assembly of the truck with one from a military-surplus top loader featuring four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering that used 48-inch (120 cm) tires. This exhibit explores the evolution of the phenomenon that is BIGFOOT with BIGFOOT #1, BIGFOOT #8, and BIGFOOT #20.

BIGFOOT #1 “The Original Monster Truck” (On Loan from BIGFOOT 4×4, Inc.)
BIGFOOT #8 “First CAD-designed Monster Truck” (On Loan from BIGFOOT 4×4, Inc.)
BIGFOOT #20 “First and only electric Monster Truck” (On Loan from BIGFOOT 4×4, Inc.)
1987 Ford BIGFOOT Cruiser F-250 4×4, BIGFOOT Blue will be added on October 17, 2023

On display October 3, 2023February 4, 2024.

A collaborative exhibit with Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN, showcasing the storied marque of Tatra – a Czech vehicle manufacturer founded in 1850.

Now on display:

1938 Tatra T-97 (On loan from Lane Motor Museum, Nashville, TN)
1947 Tatra T-87 Saloon (On loan from Lane Motor Museum, Nashville, TN)
1950 Tatra T-600 Tatraplan (On loan from Lane Motor Museum, Nashville, TN)
1958 Tatra T-603 Saloon (On loan from Lane Motor Museum, Nashville, TN)
1978 Tatra T-613 (On loan from Lane Motor Museum, Nashville, TN)
On display from August 29, 2023 through January 7, 2024.

Bryan Fuller is a master builder, designer, TV personality, author, and owner of Fuller Moto. This retrospective exhibition showcases 20 years’ worth of Bryan’s unique custom car and motorcycle builds.


Texas T (On loan from Fuller Hot Rods, Tucker, GA)
Rodan 836 (On loan from Fuller Hot Rods, Tucker, GA)
Daisy Duke
(On Loan from Fuller Hot Rods, Tucker, GA)
Kawasabi aka Hell on Wheels
(On loan from Fuller Hot Rods, Tucker, GA)
Formula Full
(On loan from Fuller Hot Rods, Tucker, GA)
Indian Sled
(On loan from Fuller Hot Rods, Tucker, GA)
(On loan from Fuller Hot Rods, Tucker, GA)
Blown Express (On loan from Stephen Connor, Atlanta, GA)
The Impaler
(On loan from private collection)
Georgia Gold
(On loan from private collection)
Blue Ray
(On loan from William & Christi George of Morgan Hill, CA)
(On loan from private collection)
Motus Monster
(On loan from John Bennett)
Road Warrior
(On loan from Mark Prosser, Rodney, MI)
Red Beards Green Machine
(On loan from private collection)
FMW N8 R7516
(On loan from Nate Johnson, Westchester, CA)
The Bavarian Knight
(On loan from John Yeosock, Santa Cruz, CA)
Misty Green
(On loan from Kyle Frey, Fredericksburg, TX)
Double Down
(On loan from Hugh Hawkins)
Ducati Pro-Street Tracker
(On loan from James C. McKinnon, NY, NY)
Black Flash
(On loan from private collection)
Scout 8K
(On loan from private collection)
Fueller (On loan from Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, Birmingham, AL)
ER Fuller (On loan from private collection)

On display from August 1, 2023 through December 3, 2023.

In the 1960s, the National Hot Rod Association offered competition drag-racing categories called stock, super stock, and factory experimental automobiles using each manufacturer’s equipment.

1963 Chevrolet Impala Z11 (On loan from Jerry Kelly, Adel, GA)*
1963 Pontiac Catalina 421 Super Duty ‘Swiss Cheese’ (On loan from Jerry Kelly, Adel, GA)*
1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt (On loan from Steve and Kimberly Honnell and Tommy Sargent)
1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Lightweight (On loan from Larry and Peggy Davis, Piedmont, AL)
1965 Plymouth Belvedere Hemi A990 (On loan from the Steve Atwell Collection)
1965 Chevrolet Chevelle 300 COPO 9719 (On loan from Mike Smith, Cookeville, TN)
1965 Chevrolet Chevelle “Malibu” SS Z16 (On loan from the Mauzy Family and 1thirtyone Motorcars, Fort Worth, TX)
1967 Mercury Cyclone (On loan from Steve and Kimberly Honnell and Tommy Sargent)
1968 Dodge Dart Hemi L023 (On loan from the McCandless Collection, Burlington, NC)

*Arriving for display at Savoy on August 1, following Pontiac Nationals Car Show.

Savoy Collection, Savoy Automobile Museum

Savoy Automobile Museum invites you to the Savoy Collection gallery to tour some of the vehicles from the permanent collection. Since it’s summertime, we thought we’d throw in a surprise special treat and what car is better suited for summer than the convertible! Come cool off from the hot rays and summer heat and enjoy this special exhibition, Wind in Your Hair, which will be on display in Gallery D until August 27.

  • 1934 Ford 40 Cabriolet
  • 1938 Buick Series 40C Sport Convertible
  • 1949 Buick Model 56C Convertible
  • 1949 Packard Super Eight Convertible
  • 1950 Ford Custom Deluxe Convertible
  • 1953 Nash-Healey Roadster
  • 1954 Kaiser-Darrin Series 161 Roadster
  • 1957 Chevy Corvette
  • 1957 Chevy Bel-Air Convertible
  • 1957 Oldsmobile Starfire 98 Convertible
  • 1959 Edsel Corsair Convertible
  • 1962 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster
  • 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible
  • 1969 Dodge Dart GT Convertible
  • 1974 Pontiac Grand Ville Convertible

Is there any vehicle more uniquely American than the pickup truck? This once basic vehicle, used by farmers and tradespeople, has expanded its options and comfort over the years. Haul of Fame is a temporary exhibition showcasing over eight decades of American pickups from 1909 through 1990.

  • 1909 IHC Auto Wagon (On loan from Jeff and Angie Chattin, Canton, GA)
  • 1932 Ford Model 18 Pickup (Savoy Collection)
  • 1936 Chevrolet Standard FC Coupe Pickup (Savoy Collection)
  • 1936 Dodge LC ½ Ton Pickup (Savoy Collection)
  • 1941 Ford Pickup (On loan from Patrick Hergenroeder, Richfield, OH)
  • 1955 Chevrolet Custom Cab Stepside Pickup(Savoy Collection)
  • 1958 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside Pickup (On loan from Steve Biddy, Biddy Classic Cars, Acworth, GA)
  • 1960 Ford F-100 Custom Styleside Pickup (Savoy Collection)
  • 1965 Ford F-100 Custom Cab Styleside Pickup (On loan from Deborah and Larry Crane, Cartersville, GA)
  • 1979 Dodge Li’l Red Truck (On loan from Mark and Dorina Coates, Blountville, TN)
  • 1989 Dodge Shelby Dakota Pickup (On loan from Connie and Cecil Mann, Cartersville, GA)
  • 1990 Chevrolet C1500 454 SS Pickup (Savoy Collection)

What’s all of the buzz about you might ask? Savoy is proud to present our newest upcoming exhibit: Georgia Tech Student Competition Center Engineering Vehicles. The Student Competition Center at Georgia Tech is home to seven student engineering competition teams: GT Motorsports, GT Off Road, GT Solar Racing, EcoCAR, HyTech Racing, RoboJackets, and Wreck Racing. This exhibit looks at select student-built automobiles from previous competitions.

Now on display:

  • 2001 Chevrolet S10 Xtreme (On loan from Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA)
  • 2012 Solar Racing – SJ-1 (On loan from Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA)
  • 2022 FSAE – GTMS 70 (On loan from Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA)
  • 2022 HyTech Racing FSAE EV – HT06 (On loan from Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA)
  • 2022 Off-Road – OR-7 Resilience (On loan from Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA)

In addition, the 1930 Ramblin’ Wreck Ford Model A Replica (Savoy Collection) will be featured in the exhibit.

On display from May 2, 2023 through August 27, 2023.

75 Years of Porsche

In 1948, Porsche launched the first model of the legendary brand. This exhibition celebrates 75 years, showcasing some of the significant and iconic models produced by Porsche.

Now on Display

1955 Porsche 356 Continental (On loan from the Ingram Collection, Durham, NC)
1955 Porsche 550 Spyder (On loan from the Ingram Collection, Durham, NC)
1957 Porsche 356 Speedster Convertible (On loan from Don & Diane Meluzio, York, PA)
1959 Porsche 356A Convertible D (On loan from the private collection of Ron Ritz, Howell, MI)
1963 Porsche 901 Prototype, Coupe (On loan from Don & Diane Meluzio, York, PA)
1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS (On loan from Steven Harris, New York, NY)
1976 Porsche 911S (On loan from Richard Myers, Moorestown, NJ)
­­­1986 Porsche 928 (Savoy Collection)
1987 Porsche 959 (On loan from the Mauzy Family & 1thirtyone Motorcars, Fort Worth, TX)
1988 Porsche 930 Turbo Cabriolet (On loan from the Vogt Family, Cumming, GA)
1992 Porsche 964 911 Carrera RS N/GT (On loan from Steven Harris, New York, NY)
2004 Porsche Carrera GT (On loan from Amine Collection)
2007 Porsche 997.1 GT3 RS (On loan from Steven Harris, New York, NY)
2014 Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition Coupe (On loan from Jackie and Randy Thompson, Cartersville, GA)

75 Years of Porsche is guest curated by Ken Gross and supported in part by Charles Schwab Kennesaw/The Pefferly Family.

Charles Schwab Pefferly Family

** The 1965 Porsche 356C Carrera 2 GS/GT 2000 will leave the museum on June 19.

On exhibit from April 4, 2023 through July 30, 2023.

Savoy Museum

While serving during WWII, millions of American troops became enamored with British automobiles. Following the War, it became a necessity for Great Britain to restore its economy, and one way to do so was through exportation. In 1946, the British Government released an animated video via the British Pathe news titled “Export Or Die”, proclaiming “we must sell the things we like, to buy the things we need.” The message was received and by 1950, over half-a-million British cars were produced annually with nearly 400,000 being shipped directly to America. This exhibition features some of the finest examples of British sports cars of the postwar period to invade the American automobile market.


1949 Jaguar XK120 Roadster Alloy (On loan from Patrick Hergenroeder, Richfield, OH)
1950 Allard J2 Roadster (On loan from Wayne Carini, Portland, CT)

1950 Alvis TB14 (On loan from Natalie and Scott Bluestein, Sullivan’s Island, SC)
1952 Arnolt MG Coupe (On loan from Stan and Susan Cryz, Brooks, GA)
1953 MG TD (savoy Collection)
1954 Arnolt Bristol Bolide (on loan from Stan and Susan Cyrz, Brooks, GA)
1956 Austin Healey 100M (On loan from Peter and Pat Davis, Jonesborough, TN)

1956 MGA Roadster (Savoy Collection)

1962 Lotus Elite (On loan from Ron and Harriott Mitchell, Knoxville, TN)
1963 Jaguar E-Type FHC (On loan from Janice and Jerry Wise, Tallahassee, FL)
1964 AC ACE-Bristol (On loan from Henry & Rachelle “Rocky” Grady, Stuart, FL)

Savoy Museum

Hollywood in the South; the industry of manufacturing and the logistical infrastructure of ports, trains, and interstates – the car culture community is not just surviving, it is thriving. The first installment of this exclusive exhibition series showcases great examples of original and restored automobiles owned by those who call Bartow County and the surrounding region home.

Was on display

1947 Dodge Power Wagon WDX 1 Ton Custom (Savoy Collection)
1954 Chevrolet Corvette (On loan from Mark Wiley, Atlanta, GA)
1956 Willys Pickup (On loan from Sam Franklin’s Home Furniture Center, Cartersville, GA)
1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible (On loan from Michael & Vickie Patania, Calhoun, GA)
1967 Pontiac Grand Prix Convertible (On loan form Steve Biddy, Acworth, GA)
1968 Bizzarrini 5300GT Strada (On loan from Ron Green, Sandy Springs, GA)
1969 Chevrolet Custom 10 Pickup (On loan from Jerry Jackson, Cartersville, GA)
1969 Plymouth Barracuda Notchback M-Code (On loan from Gary Hoover, Canton, GA)
1970 Chevrolet Z28 Camaro (On loan from WW Ranch, Cartersville, GA)
1973 Ford Bronco Ranger (On loan from Rick Murphy, Cumming, GA)
1974 Pontiac Trans AM (On loan from Dennis Graham, Cartersville, GA)
1978 Pontiac Trans AM (On loan from Connie & Cecil Mann, Cartersville, GA)

2020 Ford GT
(On loan from Mark Thompson, Cartersville, GA)

Savoy Museum

Savoy Automobile Museum is excited to announce the opening on January 10, 2023, of its latest temporary exhibit, Built for a Crisis. In the 1950s and 1960s, it seemed like America couldn’t build its cars big enough. Even mainstream models were generally big and thirsty. Many drivers were getting tired of gassing up these enormous land yachts, but the market was slow to respond. The domestic manufacturers had produced some downsized models, but only a few, and Japanese automakers were just putting a foot in the door with their tiny cars. And then, essentially one day in 1973, everything changed when America’s oil supplier turned off the tap. The U.S. had become increasingly dependent on foreign oil. The United States used about 17 million barrels of oil each day, but only produced some 11 million of that itself. This exhibit displays some of the domestic models produced to compete with the smaller imported cars.

The exhibit will feature six iconic cars including a 1972 Ford Pinto, a 1974 AMC Gremlin, a 1975 AMC Pacer, and a 1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega, all part of the Savoy Collection. In addition, two special cars brought in specifically for the exhibit include a 1971 Chevrolet Vega and a 1976 Chevrolet Chevette, both from the General Motors Heritage Collection in Sterling Heights, MI. Visitors may find the Vega particularly interesting as it holds the prominence of the first Vega to be produced at the GM Lordstown Assembly Plant on June 26, 1970, at 3:05 pm. The Chevette was never sold and has its original sales sticker still on the window and only 64 miles on the odometer. This exhibit represents a significant part of our automotive history.


1971 Chevrolet Vega (On loan from General Motors Heritage Collection, Sterling Heights, MI)
1972 Ford Pinto (Savoy Collection)
1974 AMC Gremlin (Savoy Collection)
1975 AMC Pacer (Savoy Collection)
1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega (Savoy Collection)
1976 Chevrolet Chevette (On loan from General Motors Heritage Collection, Sterling Heights, MI)

The term “microcar” is reserved for the smallest of cars. They became popular in the UK after WWII as the demand for motorcycles grew. Microcars often had relaxed requirements for registration and licensing. They are small, fuel-efficient cars with three or four wheels that maintain a cubic centimeter (cc) engine displacement under 400. Microcars are typically confined between the years of 1945 – 1965. All vehicles included in this exhibit are on loan from Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN.

Was on display

1939 New Map•Baby
1948 Lamar
1951 Hoffman
1953 Monocar
1953 Rovin D-4
1954 Daus
1956 Mochet CM 125Y
1956 PTV
1957 Bag Spatz
1957 Messerschmitt
1958 BMW Isetta
1959 New Map Solyto Van
1959 King Fulda S-7
1964 Peel P-50 (replica)
1964 Scootacar MKII

Savoy Museum

During an age of aero-innovation – from passenger planes to the verge of space travel – automotive designers made cars look like they could fly. This exhibition will showcase the iconic, edgy, and sharp tail fins from the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Was on display

1950 Cadillac Series 60 Special Fleetwood Sedan (Savoy Collection)
1956 Lincoln Premiere Convertible (On Loan from The Richard H. Driehaus Automobile Collection, Chicago, IL
1956 Packard Caribbean Convertible (On Loan from The Richard H. Driehaus Automobile Collection, Chicago, IL)
1957 Chevrolet Bel Air (Savoy Collection)
1957 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible (On Loan from The Richard H. Driehaus Automobile Collection, Chicago, IL)
1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk (Savoy Collection)
1958 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz “Raindrop” Concept (On Loan from The Richard H. Driehaus Automobile Collection, Chicago, IL)
1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz (On Loan from GM Heritage Center, Detroit, MI)
1959 Chevrolet El Camino (Savoy Collection)
1959 Plymouth Sport Fury (Savoy Collection)
1960 Cadillac 62 Series (Savoy Collection)

The first two decades of automobile manufacturing is often referred to as the Brass Era. Distinguished by large brass radiators and polished brass trim, this exhibition showcases race cars from 1907-1915.

WAS on Display: OCTOBER 2, 2022 – January 29, 2023

1907 American Underslung (On loan from Rob Kauffman/RK Motors, Charlotte, NC)

1907 American Underslung (On loan from Rob Kauffman/RK Motors, Charlotte, NC)

1907 Renault Type AI 35/45 HP Vanderbilt Racer (On loan from the Audrain

Museum, Newport, RI)

1909 ALCO “Black Beast” Racer (On loan from Howard & Roz Kroplick, East Hills, NY)

1909 Buick Model 16 Racecar (On loan from Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum,

Indianapolis, IN)

1911 Mercer Raceabout Type 35C (On loan from Jack & Drena Miller, Fayetteville,


1912 Packard Model 30 (On loan from Tom & Mary Jo Heckman, Newton Square, PA)

1913 Ford Model T Speedster (On loan from Thomas & Jill Lee, Newton Square, PA)

1913 Inter-State Gentlemen’s Roadster (On Loan from Corky & Theresa Coker, The

Coker Museum, Chattanooga, TN)

1913 Marmon Speedster (On loan from Bill & Anne Marsh, Stone Mountain, GA)

1914 Stutz Bearcat (On loan from Corky & Theresa Coker, The Coker Museum,

Chattanooga, TN)

1915 Stutz “H.C.S.” Speedster (On loan from Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, Indianapolis, IN)

Savoy Customs logo

Savoy Customs, was an exhibition on display from August 2, 2022, through January 8, 2023, in Gallery B, will showcase select vehicles from the Savoy Collection that have been restored to their classic look but modified with modern parts and technology. These incredible custom resto-mod vehicles highlight popular cars from the early 1950s featuring two of the Detroit Big Three manufacturers, Ford Motor Company and General Motors.

WAS on Display: AUGUST 2, 2022 – January 8, 2023

1933 Ford Tudor Restomod (Savoy Collection)
1950 Ford Custom Convertible Restomod (Savoy Collection)
1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible Restomod (Savoy Collection)
1950 Ford F-1 Pickup Restomod (Savoy Collection)
1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad Station Wagon Restomond (Savoy Collection)

Big Blocks logo

BIG BLOCKS, was an exhibition on display from August 2, 2022, through December 4, 2022, in Gallery A, and showcased American muscle cars with “big-block” engines housed under the hood. The American muscle car era lasted over a decade of popular flexing with serious horsepower. Popular American car manufacturers were not shy about increased engine size and power, from Chevrolet’s Chevelle to the Buick GSX, and Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, all ranging from the late 1960s to the early 1970s.

The hoods on these vehicles were up only on select weekends with the first being the weekend of August 2 and then rotating every other weekend through the end of the exhibition.

WAS on Display: AUGUST 2, 2022 – December 4, 2022

1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible with Chevy 427/435 HP (Savoy Collection)
1968 Dodge Charger R/T with Hemi 426/425 HP (On loan from Stephens Performance Collection, Anderson, AL)
1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 with Ford 428/355 HP (Savoy Collection)
1970 Buick GSX with Buick 455/350 HP (On loan from Wellborn Musclecar Museum, Alexander City, AL)
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle LS6 with Chevy 454/450 HP (On loan from Wellborn Musclecar Museum, Alexander City, AL)
1970 Chevrolet Nova SS 396/375 HP (Savoy Collection)
1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 with Ford 429/375 HP (On loan from Wellborn Musclecar Museum, Alexander City, AL)
1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II with Ford 429/375 HP (On loan from Steve Honnell, Lewisburg, TN)
1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 with Olds 455/370 HP (On loan from Stephens Performance Collection, Anderson, AL)
1970 Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air IV with Pontiac 400/370 HP (On loan from Wellborn Musclecar Museum, Alexander City, AL)
1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda with Hemi 426/425 HP (On loan from Wellborn Musclecar Museum, Alexander City, AL)

Gifts of Gratitude was a special temporary exhibit showcasing vehicles gifted to the museum. The vehicles in the exhibit ranged from American pre-War to popular cars that are internationally known, including the Volkswagen Type 181 “Thing.” Visit Gallery C to preview vehicles generously donated to Savoy Automobile Museum.

WAS on Display: September 6, 2022 – October 30, 2022

1931 Chrysler CD8 (On loan from Donald & Veronica Hilligoss
1931 Ford Model A DeLuxe Fordor (On loan from Raymond F. King**
1932 DeSoto Six Standard SC (On loan from Margaret & Warren Lee English, Sr.
1965 Austin-Healey 3000 Mark III (On loan from Jim & Janet Letson
1965 Ford F350 Holmes 500 Wrecker (On loan from Janet & Ted Thornbrough
1965 MG Midget MKII (On loan from Ralph H. & Margaret Sue Chandler
1974 Volkswagen Type 181 “Thing” (On loan from Sam Chilcote, Jr.
1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega (On loan from an anonymous donor
1981 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe (On loan from Judy & James R. Dellinger
1987 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z28 (On loan from Larry C. Bohannon
1999 Plymouth Prowler (On loan from an anonymous donor

**The 1931 Ford Model A sits at the Museum’s Front Entrance for visitors to enjoy. It makes for a great photo op to commemorate your visit to Savoy! Weather permitting.

The FrontRunners exhibit showcases victory-claiming, record-breaking, front-engine Indy 500 roadsters. To be considered for participation in the iconic Indianapolis 500-Mile Race held annually at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Roadsters had to maintain certain engineering specifications and design elements, including a single-seat, open-cockpit. Although most racers used Offenhauser engines, some cars on display were powered by Cummins Diesel, Novi V8, and Chrysler Hemi V8s. The FrontRunners vehicles featured in this exhibit include cars designed by Frank Kurtis, A.J. Watson, and Lujie Lesovsky. They were developed during the 1950s and 1960s, considered the Golden Age of the Indy 500.


1953 Kurtis Kraft KK500C (Firestone) Roadster (On Loan from Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, Speedway, IN)
1956 Hillegass Sprint Car (Savoy Collection)
1956 Lesovsky Wolcott Special, Champ Dirt Car (On Loan from Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, Speedway, IN)
1958 Wolcott Special, Roadster (On Loan from Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, Speedway, IN)
1958 Kurtis Kraft 500-H DA Lubricated Special (On Loan from Bob Sirna, MI)
1962 Kurtis Kraft Novi (On Loan from Unser Racing Museum, Albuquerque, NM)
1963 Watson Roadster #43 (On Loan from George T. Lyons, Eerie, PA)
1963 Watson Roadster, “Konstant Hot Special” (On Loan from the Brumos Collection, Jacksonville, FL)

Pirelli, Savoy Automobile Museum

A journey across three centuries through the things that distinguish the brand the most: international scale, the factories, presence in sport and motorsport, constant search for innovation and cutting-edge technology. To celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary in the United States, Savoy Automobile Museum and Pirelli are proud to present the exclusive exhibition of Pirelli: The Story of a Company – A 150Year History of Passion and Innovation.

Pirelli’s 150-year history is depicted through a series of chronological images culminating with the international expansion of the company and recent successes on track and on the road. What visitors will be able to experience by visiting the exhibition is a three-century journey made up of passion, of men and women, of technology and innovation. A little-known fact about Pirelli’s journey is that one of its main “stops” was in the United States: it was indeed in New York, in 1908, that the famous logo, the “P” with its stretched out “belly” overhanging the other letters, was created.

Pirelli has always had a strong link with the United States and part of the exhibit is dedicated to Pirelli’s roots here, from advertising of local products to posters created for Pirelli that became part of the permanent collection of MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The exhibit tells the history of Pirelli through the creative elements of artists, designers, masters of communication and advertising, and through the works of leading photographers, from photos of the factories to the great names behind the iconic Pirelli Calendar. Many of these beautiful images come from the Pirelli Foundation, the Institution that preserves the Group’s historic and cultural heritage, taking a look at the past with a view to building the future.

Savoy Museum hosted a specially curated collection of automobiles that showcase Pirelli’s wide range of tires as well: from beautiful vintage cars to Motorsport jewels, including a TransAm vehicle and modern-day Formula 1® car developed for the 2022 season including the upcoming Miami GP, to the fully electric Rivian, that gives a glimpse of the future of mobility. The exhibition was also the opportunity for Pirelli to celebrate 20 years of its presence in Georgia. Pirelli inaugurated its manufacturing plant in Rome, Georgia, in 2002. The factory is a robotized production facility focused on premium specialty tires cars, light trucks, and SUVs. The Pirelli factory in Georgia is also the first tire plant in the world to be Forest Stewardship Council®-certified. FSC® forest management certification confirms that the natural rubber plantations Pirelli sources from are managed in a way that preserves biodiversity and benefits the lives of local communities and farmworkers, while ensuring economic viability.

WAS on Display (5/10/22 – 9/4/22)

  • 1947 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Cabriolet (On loan from Jim Taylor)
  • 1962 Lancia Flaminia GT 3C Touring Coupe (On loan from Ivan & Myrna Ruiz)
  • 1967 Camaro RS (Savoy Collection)
  • 1967 Iso Grifo – Series 1 (On loan from Ivan & Myrna Ruiz)
  • 1970 Maserati Ghibli Spyder (On Loan from Ivan & Myrna Ruiz)
  • 1987 Lamborghini Countach (On loan from Ron Green)
  • 1991 Ferrari F40 (On loan from the Mauzy Family and 1thirtyone Motorcars)
  • 2022 Formula 1® race car (On loan from Formula One Marketing Limited)
  • 2022 Rivian R1T (On loan from Rivian, LLC)
  • 2018 Lamborghini Aventador S (On loan from Automobili Lamborghini America)
  • 2022 Trans Am Championship Spec Chevrolet Camaro (On Loan from Trans Am Championship Presented by Pirelli 150th Anniversary Trans Am Class Camaro)
American Art Deco logo, Savoy Automobile Museum

Art Deco was a movement focused on the future, modernizing industrial innovations by embracing a style of elegance and sophistication. Impacting nearly every visual medium, including painting, architecture, appliances, and automobiles, the Art Deco period occurred mainly between the two world wars, flourishing in the mid-1920s and throughout the Great Depression. These bold, graphic designs showcased refinement and opulence, tapering into streamlined geometric shapes, bright colors, and clean lines. The fluidity and grace of Art Deco complimented the aerodynamic structure of automobiles, typically resulting in two-door coupes and roadsters with long, exaggerated hoods and small, rounded trunks. The curated cars for American Art Deco feature long swooping fenders, chrome detailing, and round headlights, reflecting the glamour and luxury of this iconic movement.

WAS on Display (4/5/22 – 7/31/22)

  • 1934 Cadillac LaSalle Series 50 Convertible Coupe
  • 1934 Ford Brewster Town Car1934 Studebaker Commander Land Cruiser
  • 1936 Stout Scarab
  • 1940 Graham Model 108 Sedan “Sharknose”
  • 1937 Walter P. Chrysler’s Chrysler
  • 1937 Lincoln Zephyr
  • 1941 Graham Hollywood
  • 1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt
Woodies Exhibition, Savoy Automobile Museum

Station wagon woodies are the epitome of classic American family cars. The Woodies Exhibit in Gallery B to explored some of the popular woodies that put thousands of American families on wheels!

WAS on Display (11/29/21 – 5/29/22)

  • 1946 Mercury Woodie
  • 1948 Packard Standard Eight Station Sedan Wagon Woodie
  • 1948 Chrysler Town & Country Sedan Woodie
  • 1953 Ford Crestline Country Squire Station Wagon Woodie
American Racing Exhibition, Savoy Automobile Museum

The American Racing exhibits local donated and loaned race cars from past and present. Imagine what some of our local residents experienced when they drove these vehicles during professional races and on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

WAS on Display (11/29/21 – 5/29/22)

  • 1956 Hillegass Sprint Car
  • 1969 Dodge Daytona # 71
  • 1970 Richard Petty Superbird
  • 1971 Dodge Challenger
  • 1983 Indy Car-Budweiser Bobby Rahal
Orphans Exhibition, Savoy Automobile Museum

Many American-made vehicles coming from pre-War and post-War eras were lost during a tumultuous time in American history. Though the Detroit Big Three managed to be the champion of this period, many other manufacturers attempted to rival against them, and some of the most unique and rare vehicles derived from these lost car companies. Visit Gallery C to see some of these curated Orphans.

WAS on Display (11/29/21 – 5/1/22)

  • 1940 Hudson Country Club 8
  • 1948 Davis Divan
  • 1948 Studebaker Starlight Coupe Commander
  • 1949 Frazer Manhattan
  • 1951 Nash Airflyte Statesman Super
  • 1953 Hudson Hornet
  • 1953 Henry Kaiser J
  • 1954 Studebaker Commander Starliner, on loan from Wayne Carini
American Racing Exhibition, Savoy Automobile Museum

Throughout the 20th Century, many American car manufacturing companies competed to create and sell various automobiles. The Great American Classics will exhibit the history of cars manufactured in America including history about a vehicle’s conception, production, and reception!

WAS on Display (11/29/21 – 4/2/22)

  • 1941 Cadillac Series 60
  • 1930 Duesenberg Murphy J
  • 1933 Pierce-Arrow, Silver Arrow
  • 1932 Ruxton Model C
  • 1932 Stutz DV-32
  • 1931 Marmon Sixteen
  • 1946 Lincoln Continental Coupe
  • 1934 Packard 1104 Super 8 Sport Phaeton
  • 1933 Auburn 851 Speedster