Building the Collection

Savoy Automobile Museum intends to build a collection of items for display, programming, research, and fundraising. Those who gift unrestricted automobiles, library and archival items, artifacts, and automobilia are helping to preserve the history and diversity of automobiles through changing exhibits, programs, and engaging experiences. A Collections Committee evaluates all potential contributions based on overall condition, rarity, originality, authenticity, history, and provenance. It determines if they fall within the scope of the museum’s mission and are manageable with available resources.

Donating Automobiles

Do you have a car that has a story to tell? Over the last two years, Savoy has received numerous vehicle donations. These gifts are appreciated additions to the collection. Your commitment to give will have a long-term impact on future generations.

Donating to Research Library & Archives

Savoy Automobile Museum accepts donations of new and gently used collections that support the museum’s non-circulating Reference Library. There is a need for automotive-related books, newsletters, periodicals, historical documents, programs, catalogs, manuals, literature, and other printed materials.

Donating Artifacts and Automobilia

Out with the old and in with the new. If you are downsizing or updating your collection, consider a gift to the museum. We accept donations of original artwork, signs (metal/porcelain/neon), pedal cars and diecast cars, apparel, mascots, badges, hood ornaments, posters, automobile parts, and more to help support the museum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Savoy Automobile Museum welcomes donations deemed to be significant additions to the collection and will advance the museum’s mission to connect people to the cultural diversity of the automobile. The Collections Committee evaluates all potential acquisitions and decides whether to accept offered items. Our non-circulating research library accepts new and gently used items, including automotive-related books, magazines, newsletters, periodicals, historical documents, programs, catalogs, manuals, and literature. The museum collection accepts automobiles, artifacts, and automobilia including, original artwork, apparel, mascots, hood ornaments, posters, and automobile parts.

Staff members of the Museum may not appraise or otherwise evaluate any object for insurance, commercial or other purposes due to IRS regulations and Museum policy.  You can find information on appraisals from the following associations:

American Society of Appraisers (ASA) | 800. 272.8258 |

Appraisers Association of America (AAA) | 212.889.5404 |

Auto Appraisers Group (AAG) | 800. 848.2886 |

International Society of Appraisers (ISA) | 206.241.0359 |

International Vehicle Appraisers Network (I-VAN) | 757. 421.9028 |

Unfortunately, the museum cannot promise when or if an item will go on display. Only a small percentage of the Museum’s entire collection is on view at any given time. While not on display, items are cared for in storage, made available to researchers, and used for public programs at the museum.

The Savoy Automobile Museum Research Library is a non-circulating Reference library. The Library and Archives hold materials that support the collections and exhibitions relating to the museum’s mission to connect people to the cultural diversity of the automobile. All collections are non-circulating and may be used only within the library. To ensure the preservation of these irreplaceable materials, access to specific collections, such as rare books, manuscripts, photographs, and other archival materials, may be restricted, requiring an advance appointment and supervision by library personnel. Library staff will be happy to assist you with your research by retrieving the requested materials.

Savoy Automobile Museum, a program of Georgia Museums Inc., 501(c)(3), is a nonprofit organization, and your donation may be tax-deductible depending on your tax situation. The museum will provide a donation acknowledgment for all collection donations per IRS requirements. Please contact your tax advisor or a tax professional for specific information relating to your particular situation.

We do not accept drop-off donations. People wishing to donate an object to the museum must fill out the collection donation form or contact us via phone at 770.416.1500 or email at A member of the curatorial staff will follow up with you about your donation offer.

Once the object becomes accessioned into the collections, the museum cannot return it to the donor. By signing the deed of gift, the donor has transferred all rights to the museum.

You will need to fill out the collections donation form and return it either by email or mail to begin the donation process. If the museum decides to accept your object for onsite evaluation for review by the collection committee, you will receive a temporary deposit receipt to cover the evaluation period. If the museum accepts your object for donation into the collection, you will receive a deed of gift to sign and return. The museum will provide you with a written acknowledgment of your accepted donation, completing the donation process.

If you have any other questions or need clarification, the curatorial staff will be happy to help you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via phone at 770.416.1500 or email at