The term “microcar” is reserved for the smallest of cars. They became popular in the UK after WWII as the demand for motorcycles grew. Microcars often had relaxed requirements for registration and licensing. They are small, fuel-efficient cars with three or four wheels that maintain a cubic centimeter (cc) engine displacement under 400. Microcars are typically confined between the years of 1945 – 1965. All vehicles included in this exhibit were on loan from Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN.


1939 New Map•Baby
1948 Lamar
1951 Hoffman
1953 Monocar
1953 Rovin D-4
1954 Daus
1956 Mochet CM 125Y
1956 PTV
1957 Bag Spatz
1957 Messerschmitt
1958 BMW Isetta
1959 New Map Solyto Van
1959 King Fulda S-7
1964 Peel P-50 (replica)
1964 Scootacar MKII