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Savoy Automobile Museum
Cartersville will further cement its reputation as “Museum City” when the 65,000-square-foot Savoy Automobile Museum opens in December. The attraction has been spearheaded by the same local organization behind the city’s two Smithsonian-affiliated institutions: the Booth Museum, which offers the largest permanent exhibition space for Western art in the nation, and Tellus Science Museum, which showcases minerals, fossils, and transportation technology and includes a 120-seat digital planetarium. Already heralded by the automotive press as likely one of the nation’s top car museums, the Savoy will include four galleries, a theater (with rotating stage), an on-site cafe, and a large outdoor pavilion for car shows, concerts, and events. The glitzy exhibition hall features a dramatic barrel ceiling and sleek red glass exterior. The founder’s private auto collection ranges from novelties such as orphan classes to ’50s tail fin cars and vintage Corvettes. However, collectors and manufacturers will be loaning both new and old vehicles. The goal is to change exhibits at least twice each year and always to allow visitors plenty of room to walk around each car. Not surprisingly, given the Booth connection, expect some dramatic auto-inspired art.

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