The museum is open Tuesday - Sunday from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm.                        Please join us for our Highlights Tour on Wednesday and Thursday at 11:00 am and select Saturdays at 11:00 am.  Additional tours have been added to Fridays in July at 11:00 am.

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December 2022

75+ Best Car Museums to Visit in the U.S.


Savoy has been listed in Vette Vues Magazine's the 75 best car museums in the US! Read on the Vette Vues website here. Corvette, Muscle, and Classic Car Museums You Can’t-Miss Check out our directory of the Best Car Museums to visit. We have listings for Corvette Museums, classic cars, vintage cars, muscle cars, exotics, and some of the most famous car museums to car museums near you. Links are provided to their websites so you can get directions and hours. Want to see some [...]

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Big Blocks


BIG BLOCKS, was an exhibition on display from August 2, 2022, through December 4, 2022, in Gallery A, and showcased American muscle cars with “big-block” engines housed under the hood. The American muscle car era lasted over a decade of popular flexing with serious horsepower. Popular American car manufacturers were not shy about increased engine size and power, from Chevrolet’s Chevelle to the Buick GSX, and Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, all ranging from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. The hoods on these vehicles [...]

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November 2022

Vanderbilt Cup Races feature on Savoy Automobile Museum


The wonderful Savoy Automobile Museum has forwarded information  and images of their current "Fast Brass" exhibit which includes the Alco Black Beast. The exhibit runs through January 29, 2023. Part 1 of this 2-part series features five of the 11 "Fast Brass" in the exhibit. Images and readerboards courtesy of the Savoy Automobile Museum and Blake Johnson. READ MORE HERE

Vanderbilt Cup Races feature on Savoy Automobile Museum2022-11-16T14:53:32-05:00

October 2022

Gifts of Gratitude


Gifts of Gratitude was a special temporary exhibit showcasing vehicles gifted to the museum. The vehicles in the exhibit ranged from American pre-War to popular cars that are internationally known, including the Volkswagen Type 181 “Thing.” Visit Gallery C to preview vehicles generously donated to Savoy Automobile Museum. WAS ON DISPLAY: SEPTEMBER 6, 2022 – OCTOBER 30, 2022 1931 Chrysler CD8 (On loan from Donald & Veronica Hilligoss 1931 Ford Model A DeLuxe Fordor (On loan from Raymond F. King** 1932 DeSoto Six Standard SC (On loan from Margaret & [...]

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World-class museums just off the beaten path


The newest addition to Cartersville’s menu of museums is the 65,000-square-foot Savoy Automobile Museum, which is located on a 37-acre campus suitable for hosting large outdoor car shows. Opened last December, the museum features four galleries housing exhibits and artwork dedicated to different groups of automobiles. At present, there are examples of classics, orphans, woodies, and race cars. A 1948 Tucker Torpedo was one of the “orphan” automobiles on display as the museum opened. A presentation on the unique car by two of Preston Tucker’s [...]

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The FrontRunners exhibit showcases victory-claiming, record-breaking, front-engine Indy 500 roadsters. To be considered for participation in the iconic Indianapolis 500-Mile Race held annually at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Roadsters had to maintain certain engineering specifications and design elements, including a single-seat, open-cockpit. Although most racers used Offenhauser engines, some cars on display were powered by Cummins Diesel, Novi V8, and Chrysler Hemi V8s. The FrontRunners vehicles featured in this exhibit include cars designed by Frank Kurtis, A.J. Watson, and Lujie Lesovsky. They were developed during [...]


September 2022

15 Best Things to Do in Cartersville, GA


By Zach Diaz of Travel Lens The historically-rich city of Cartersville is northwest of Atlanta, Georgia. Initially, the city was called Birmingham, but they renamed it in 1854. The city is famous for its deep and rich history. Cartersville has multiple museums and historical sites containing important heritage from the Native American and African-American people and Victorian-era architecture. Although there are lots of places to learn more about history, there are also lively shopping and dining areas plus many hotels and inns that will make [...]

15 Best Things to Do in Cartersville, GA2022-09-28T14:25:14-04:00

Pirelli: The Story of a Company – A 150‐Year History of Passion and Innovation


A journey across three centuries through the things that distinguish the brand the most: international scale, the factories, presence in sport and motorsport, constant search for innovation and cutting-edge technology. To celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary in the United States, Savoy Automobile Museum and Pirelli are proud to present the exclusive exhibition of Pirelli: The Story of a Company – A 150‐Year History of Passion and Innovation. Pirelli’s 150-year history is depicted through a series of chronological images culminating with the international expansion of the company [...]

Pirelli: The Story of a Company – A 150‐Year History of Passion and Innovation2024-05-30T09:21:01-04:00

August 2022

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