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By way of introduction, my wife and I are members of the Savoy & Georgia Museums Inc. (GMI) who live close enough that we can enjoy the Savoy and other GMI museums on a regular basis.

Based on my research about each exhibit, what we’ve seen during our numerous visits to view new exhibits at the Savoy, attending special events and what I’ve learned about the vehicles, I combined my enjoyment of automotive history, doing research and writing to create this “digital Archival Blog” as my personal reference source, which anyone is welcome to view and read.

In terms of the ‘target audience,’ my hope is the exhibit photo galleries and other information I capture will facilitate a ‘virtual visit’ to both current and past exhibits for those who, for whatever reason, are physically unable to visit the Savoy during an exhibit of interest. Secondarily, it will be a historical archive that will allow museum members and guests to ‘revisit’ exhibits that have moved-on.

In no way is the archival blog a substitute for actually visiting the Savoy to see the exhibits first hand and visually explore the details of the vehicles and insights offered by the Savoy’s volunteer docents and other members of the staff.