I visited another car museum last week. This one is brand new and officially opens to the public on the 8th. Savoy Automobile Museum is a world-class museum, where it seems no expense was spared. The building and grounds are amazing and the car collection on display was top-notch.

What is funny, is I’ve been asked numerous times what I thought about Savoy, because the museum is in Georgia. I always tell people, I love the fact that they’ve finally opened. I’ve actually been in contact with a few of the executives long before they even broke ground.

The point is, that every car museum is different. The collections are different, the memorabilia and sometimes even the building is part of the appeal. So I am stoked Savoy is finally open and there is another car museum for visitors to explore.

Although I can’t compete with Savoy’s budget, it’s okay, because our museums are completely different, with the exception that we both have vehicles on display.

This occurs all over the country and is one of the reasons I created this guide, so you could visit car museums, like Miles Through Time Automotive Museum and two hours away, you could visit Savoy.

The Wills Sainte Claire Auto Museum is another neat museum that can’t compete with The Henry Ford but is definitely worth visiting.

Dream Riderz is another unique museum that I’ve watched over the last few years grow to become another museum worthy of visitors.

So visit the big-budget, amazing car museums, but also use this guide to find the lesser-known gems. Who knows, you might just discover something you never expected.


View full listing on Automotive Museum Guide: https://automotivemuseumguide.com/savoy-automobile-museum/


Savoy Automobile Museum will allow visitors to explore the history and diversity of automobiles through changing exhibits, educational programs, and engaging experiences. As part of Georgia Museums, Inc., Savoy is a sister museum to Booth Western Art Museum, Bartow History Museum, and Tellus Science Museum.

The Museum will be located on 35+ acres at the intersection of US Highway 411 and GA Highway 20 in Cartersville, Georgia. The footprint comprises three buildings: the main museum structure will be 65,000+ square feet with four exhibition galleries, a presentation theatre, and on-site café, a storage garage at 30,000+ square feet, and an outdoor pavilion for car shows, concerts, cruise-ins, swap meets and more at roughly 10,000+ square feet. The surrounding landscape is being developed to be conducive for car shows year-round. Opening December 8, 2021.

3 Savoy Lane
Cartersville, GA 30120
Email: info@savoymuseum.org

Admission: ?
Plan: 1+ hr
Open: Opening December 8, 2021