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Streamlined Elegance – The Tatra Tale

August 2023

1978 Tatra T-613


SPECIFICATIONS Engine: 213.5 cu. in. (3.5L) DOHC, V8 air-cooled Output: 165 HP @ 5,200 RPM Transmission: 4-speed Manual Wheelbase: 117 in. Overall Length: 197 in. Weight: 3,682 (curb) Top Speed: 118 MPH No. Produced: 11,009 Original Price: Unknown Manufacturer: Tatra READERBOARD The successor to the 603, the T-613 would break the Tatra streamlining mold with a more Eurocentric style. To accomplish this, the company looked to Italian designer and coach builder Carrozzeria Vignale to give the T-613 [...]

1978 Tatra T-6132023-10-18T16:59:50-04:00

1958 Tatra T-603 Saloon


SPECIFICATIONS Engine: 155 cu. in. (2.5L) 90˚, OHV, V-8 Output: 100 HP @ 4800 RPM Transmission: 4-Speed Manual Wheelbase: 108 in. Overall Length: 199 in. Weight: 3131 lbs. Top Speed: 106 MPH No. Produced: 20,422 Original Price: $13,725 (approx.) Manufacturer: Tatra READERBOARD Tatra was relegated to the production of trucks only. However, government officials whose luxury cars were Russian imports, realized those vehicles were junk. Remembering the glory days of Tatra and the cars they produced, [...]

1958 Tatra T-603 Saloon2023-10-18T17:16:11-04:00

1950 Tatra T-600 Tatraplan


SPECIFICATIONS Engine: 119 cu. in. (2L) 4-cylinder, air cooled Output: 52 HP Transmission: 4-speed Manual Wheelbase: 106 in. Overall Length: 178 in. Top Speed: 81 MPH No. Produced: 6,342 Original Price: 11,700 SFR Manufacturer: Tatra and Skoda READERBOARD Paul Jaray, the creator of the teardrop structure of the Zepplin, considered that shape the “Ideal streamlined form for a body close to the ground.” His attempt at car design, the Lorelei, failed but caught the attention of Hans [...]

1950 Tatra T-600 Tatraplan2023-10-18T17:24:00-04:00

1947 Tatra T-87 Saloon


SPECIFICATIONS Engine: 177 cu. in. (3L) Magnesium Alloy, 90˚ SOHC V-8 Output: 85 HP Transmission: 4-Speed Manual Wheelbase: 124 in. Overall Length: 188 in. Weight: Unknown Top Speed: 100 MPH approx. No. Produced: 3,056 total production Original Price: $5,717 Manufacturer: Tatra READERBOARD Tatra began experimenting with car aerodynamics in the early 1930s. The first of Tatra’s “aerodynes” was the Tatra T-77.  This was the world’s first serially produced aerodynamic-styled automobile powered by an air-cooled rear-mounted engine. Its [...]

1947 Tatra T-87 Saloon2023-10-18T17:44:19-04:00

1938 Tatra T-97


SPECIFICATIONS Engine: 106.7 cu. in. (1.7L) 4 cylinder, air cooled Output: 40 HP Transmission: 4-speed Manual Wheelbase: 102 in. Overall Length:  186 in. Weight: Unknown Top Speed: 78 MPH No. Produced: 508 Original Price: Unknown Manufacturer: Zavody Ringhoffer Czechoslovakia READERBOARD The Tatra line of streamlined cars debuted on March 5, 1934 with the debut of the T-77, followed by the T-77a and the T-87. Introduced in 1936, the Tatra T-97 concept has possible roots in sketches of Hungarian [...]

1938 Tatra T-972023-10-19T09:11:09-04:00
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