The Savoy Automobile Museum is one of the newest museums to join this list. Set on 37 acres in Cartersville, this polished and highly thought out Automobile Museum is full of cool cars. Unlike many traditional “car museums” that are cluttered with memorabilia, here the cars are the show. Literally.

One thing to love about Savoy is there is something for everyone. This isn’t just a collection of old cars, but rather than tastefully planned and curated collection of cars that range from pre-war beauties to modern high performance cars. In addition these aren’t just traditional classic cars, nearly every car and vehicle displayed has a history to it, usually a contribution to design, their manufacture or the car scene in general.

On display are dozens of cars spread across several exhibition rooms that are always changing. In addition to special exhibits featuring cars loaned by private collectors, Savoy has over 100 cars in their private collection. To keep the museum fresh and changing, only about 20-30 of their collection is on display at a time. The remaining display cars are part of rotating special exhibits.

Even their special exhibits break from the norm of car museums – for example currently their special exhibits feature Porsche’s for the 75th anniversary and cars of Georgia Tech featuring student built vehicles ranging from a solar powered engineering project to a Chevy S10 that competed in Grassroots Motorsports $2000 challenge.

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