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Director of Curatorial Services,Savoy Automobile Museum

At Savoy Automobile Museum, our deliberate exhibit rotation introduces fresh themes nearly every month, utilizing one of our four temporary galleries for a four-month span to drive attendance and encourage repeat visitation. Our executive Must-Visit Museums Curators explain what goes into a “destination” exhibition The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum’s Art Deco showroom Sports Car Market NOVEMBER 2023 179 team collaborates to ideate concepts based on potential audience interest and input from our members. With a forward-looking perspective, we plan exhibits 18 months in advance, aligning with industry and local events to maximize impact when possible. For example, our “75 Years of Porsche” exhibit synchronized with the brand’s milestone anniversary and a nearby National Porsche Club of America convention. We also embrace timely themes, like the forthcoming “Women in Motorsports” exhibit (from March 5 to July 7, 2024) to align with International Women’s Month and the National Association of Automobile Museums conference at Savoy, both in March 2024. Enriching our offerings, we plan monthly programming in our 297-seat Presentation Theatre in conjunction with our temporary exhibition schedule. We have featured Wayne Carini, Ken Gross and Michael Arnott for a program coordinating with our “British Invasion” exhibit that showcased 2-seat British sports cars imported to the U.S. after World War II. Moreover, we foster collaborations with other auto museums, exemplified by our upcoming Lane Motor Museumcurated exhibit, “Streamlined Elegance — The Tatra Tale,” starting September 2023. Our approach to exhibits drives continuous engagement, fosters industry relationships, and encourages the connection of people to the cultural diversity of the automobile.