Savoy Automobile Museum was featured on the front cover of this weekend’s issue of The Daily Tribune News. Below is an excerpt, as well as a link to read the full article.

Start your engines: Savoy Automobile Museum to open Dec. 8
Photo By Randy Parker
Article By Marie Nesmith


To the delight of car enthusiasts everywhere, the Savoy Automobile Museum will open its doors to the public Dec. 8. The program of Georgia Museums Inc. made the official announcement on its Facebook page Sept. 9.

“This has been years in the making and to finally reach the point of announcing the opening date has brought out so many personal emotions,” said Macra Adair, Savoy’s executive director. “More times than not, I am happy, excited, motivated and joyful; then there are times I find myself tired, nervous and stressed; but by the end of each day I am grateful, relieved and proud of what we are providing.”

Like Adair, Savoy’s director of development, Tom Shinall, is thrilled for the museum to reach this milestone.

“Personally, I am excited to share the vision for Savoy and honored to represent the museum and those who support it,” he said. “I work alongside an incredible group of people who are working tirelessly to finish what we started.

“The announcement of an official opening date has been years in the making and seeing/hearing the public’s reaction and excitement is truly contagious. Every day I am energized by someone else’s anticipation. It is truly something special.”

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